29 March 2018

Open Cargoes 36

Dear Sirs,

Good Day

Kindly, propose suitable vessel for the following biz:

Commodity: OPC Clinker in bulk 

Quantity: 22,000 MT 

Load Port: BIK

Discharge Port: Haldia, India 

Load Rate: 10,000 MT

Discharge Rate: 6,000 MT

Laycan: 04/04/2018

Freight: Invite owner best offer

Commission: 2.5%


Commodity: Aggregates 
Quantity: 40,000 or 50,000 MT 
Load Port: Fujairah- UAE/ Same cargo load port Sohar 
Discharge Port: Mesaieed- Qatar
Load Rate: CQD
Discharge Rate: CQD
Laycan: Vessel date 
Freight Idea: USD --- PMT- Invite owner best offer 
Commission: 2.5%
Commodity: plywood

Quantity: 10,000 CBM

Load port: Bintulu + Penang

Discharge port: Aden- Yemen

L/D rate: 8 days SSHEX EIU/ 8 days FHEX EIU

Laycan; cargo ready- try vessel date

Frt: invite owner in lumpsum basis FIOS

commission: 2.5%
7,000 MT Aggregates

Load Ports: Lumut- Malaysia

Discharge: Hulhumale and Raa Atoll- Maldives

Load/ Discharge rate: 2000/ 1500

Discharge at Anchorage

Laycan ppt

Free DA all ports

Freight Idea: Invite best owner offer on lumpsum basis

Commission: 2.5%



commodity: Ordinary Portland cement

quantity; 10,000 Metric TONS 

Load rate : 1000/1200 ton PER DAY

Discharge: 1000/1200 ton PER DAY

Laycan: 2nd week of April

Freight: Invite owner best offer

Commission: 2.5%


Commodity: Sugar

Quantity: 3000 MT

Load Port: Karachi

Discharge Port: Hodeidah- Yemen 

Load/ Discharge rate: 500/500 FIOS

Laycan: 15 April 

Freight: Invite owner best offer

Commission: 2.5%


Commodity: Sugar in bags 50 kg for each one 
Quantity: 15,000 MT- Part cargo ok 
Load Port: Santos- Brazil
Discharge Port: Hodeidah- Yemen
Load/ Discharge rate: 2000 MT/ 2000 MT
Laycan: Spot- Try vessel date 
Freight Idea: USD --- PMT
Commission: 2.5%


Thanks in Advance
Best Regards,
Ms. Khadi Saegh

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