07 May 2014

Rice & Sugar ex Bangkok - Hot to fix

Attn: Chartering Desk


Close Chtrs hv below fully firm cgo, need to fix soon


-Anysize 3 - 5,000 mts rice in bags (s/f abt 1.4 wog)

-Bangkok, Thailand / Cebu, Phillippine

-Spot / Prompt
-CQD bends, can try load rate

-frt invited owns best on fios bss 1/1

-Chrts agent bends

-Shore crane, if any, to be for owns acct bends.

-2.5% ttl


-Up to 5000mts of bagged sugar

-Laemchabang, Thailand / Belawan, Indonesia

-Spot / Prompt

-CQD bends, can try load rate


-Frt invt owns best bss fios 1/1

-Gencon '94


Thanks & B.rgrds


Ms.Tracy Pham (THUY HANH)

Mob: (+84) 936983997

Intl' Chartering Executive

Small Handy Size


Global Logistics & Chartering Co, Ltd.

Add: 50 Dang Van Ngu St,

Dong Da Dist, Hanoi, Vietnam

Tel:  +84.4.35773125

E.mail: fix@chartering.vn

Chat ID: glc.tracy (Yahoo / MSN / Skype)


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